EyeMeet Joint Attention Support

EyeMeet: Joint Attention Support in Recurring Meetings

  • Project description 

    The number of remote team meetings significantly increased during last years. Although remote collaboration has many advantages, new challenges arise with an increasing amount of video conferences in our daily life. Visual cues, such as mutual gaze or joint attention, become degraded in remote meetings despite playing a critical role in team work. Eye tracking technology allows overcoming these obstacles by sharing gaze information of collaborators. In this research project, we focus on designing systems for joint attention support in remote meetings. The software EyeMeet aims to support joint attention in recurring remote meetings, it integrates eye tracking technology to provide a real-time visualization of presenter’s gaze during remote meetings and an individual retrospective attention feedback called AttentionBoard.



    EyeMeet: Supporting Joint Attention in Remote TeamCollaboration Using Eye Tracking Technology (Working paper)