use eyes as an input for interactive information dashboard

Use Eyes as an Input for Interactive Information Dashboards

  • Business Intelligence and Analytics (BI&A) systems are well recognized as con-tributing to decision-making. Specifically, BI&A dashboards are known as an intensively adopted technology to present data-driven insights to decision-makers. Existing research on the interaction between decision-makers and BI&A dashboards is mainly focused on investigating information visualization on “normal” computer screens. However, there are an increasing number of larger displays available in the work environment in order to support data-driven decisions with dashboards. Interacting with large displays using mouse and keyboards comes with several challenges. Leveraging eyes as an input modality using eye-tracking technology is a promising way to interact with larger screens. In this research project, we focus on designing eye-based interactive BI&A dashboards by designing eye-based navigation, scrolling and filtering utilizing users’ gaze position.