Human-Technology Interaction Program with Technion (Israel)

  • Contact:

    Ivo Benke

  • Partner:

    Faculty of Data & Decision Sciences, Technion Insrael Institute of Technology

Today, our private and business life is fueled by technology. Technology shapes our world and is evolving rapidly. However, in order to leverage the full potential of technology it is required to understand how humans and technology interact with each other and how technology should be designed in order to work best for humans and society under consideration of a human-centered approach. As part of the cooperation between KIT and Technion Israel Institute of Technology we take an interdisciplinary perspective on human-technology interacting involving disciplines such as computer science, economics, information systems, management, and psychology.

To collaboratively investigate these perspectives we aim to establish a structured and bilateral collaboration program between scientists and research-oriented students from Germany and Israel in the field of human-technology interaction and have founded the Human-Technology Interaction Program.

The program is established between the human-centered systems lab (h-lab) and the Faculty of Decision and Data Sciences of the Technion. The program contains three elements: an exchange program, networking events, and joint research projects.

Joint Research Projects: It exists the opportunity to apply for funding for joint research projects on a yearly basis. More information will follow.

Networking Events: As part of the program networking events with partners from KIT and Technion are organized in Germany and Israel. The events will announced on this website.

Exchange Program: The exchange program allows scientists and research-focused students to conduct a research stay at one of the two institutions.
Key facts of the exchange program include:

  • Research stay at the KIT or the Technion (depending on host institution)
  • Duration between two and six months
  • Work on a research project together with a supervisor at the host institution

In case of interest for the exchange program, please send an application to Dr. Ivo Benke. An application should consist of a cover letter with the description of a potential research topic (usually this is an existing thesis topic which is pursued at the h-lab), a resume, and the transcript of records.