Completed Theses of our Research Group

Here you can browse through theses topics that have already been completed within our research group.
Completed thesis projects
Title Student Supervisor Type Submission
Lisa Halbgewachs Bachelor Thesis September 2017
Erwin Tak-ming Leung Master Thesis October 2017
Sinja Herbertz Bachelor Thesis October 2017
Simin He Master Thesis November 2018
Florian Leiser

Bachelor Thesis November 2017
Merlin Knäble Bachelor Thesis November 2017
Simon Linek

Bachelor Thesis November 2017
Xavier Sánchez Mir

Bachelor Thesis November 2016
Sagar Lakhwani Daswani

Bachelor Thesis November 2016
Raphael Martin Bachelor Thesis November 2016
Yannick Zewe Master Thesis May 2018
Evgeniya Barsukova Master Thesis May 2018
Moritz Bieswanger

Bachelor Thesis March 2018
Jiaxiang Zhang Master Thesis June 2017
Fabian Voith

Master Thesis Januar 2018
Felix Brade Master Thesis February 2017
Benjamin Autschbach Master Thesis August 2016
Qian Zhao Master Thesis April 2018
Mario Kellner

Bachelor Thesis April 2018
Jan Zeisner

Bachelor Thesis April 2018
Hanna Sabelmann Master Thesis 23.07.2017
Alexander Burmeister Master Thesis 20.04.2021
Moritz Langner Master Thesis 07.04.2021
Moritz Langner Bachelor Thesis 01.09.2017
Nicolas Peter Gülzow Master Thesis
Kai Hartung Master Thesis
Sebastian Classen Master Thesis