Development of a Prototype for Similarity-Based Business Process Matching

  • Subject:Development of a Prototype for Similarity-Based Business Process Matching
  • Type:Master Thesis
  • Date:June 2017
  • Supervisor:

     Christian Fleig

  • Person in Charge:Jiaxiang Zhang
  • Add on:

    Status: Closed



Ever-changing business environments require organizations to transform business processes from a current state to a future process design. Thus, decision-making becomes a decisive capability for organizations to succeed in increasingly complex and dynamic environments.
However, organizations are struggling with the selection of an appropriate future process design which optimally suits their business needs and the status-quo design of processes.
A system which selects a suitable candidate for the future process design to help organizations in decision-making in their transformation projects is needed.
The idea underlying this project therefore is to theorize, conceptualize, and finally to implement a prototype which compares two BPMN representations of processes and computes a measure of similarity between the two BPMN processes.
The resulting algorithm might become a part of larger decision-support system for business process transformation.

Goals of the Thesis

The student is expected to deeply review existing methods of computing similarity among processes. Further, a design science approach is suggested to develop a technical concept of a software prototype and implement the concept into a working prototype. Ideally, the solution by the student also provides a graphical interface to draw and import processes in BPMN
The student should then evaluate the results in a suitable way.
The thesis is to be written in English.

Skills Required

• Deep interest in business process management
• Theoretical backgrounds and a literature review part is expected in addition to the practical development of the prototype
• Outstanding academic performance
• Solid knowledge in a suitable programming language
• Time management and self-organization
• English reading and writing skills
• High social skills