Object recognition through artificial intelligence on AR glasses.

Thesis Topic: Object recognition through artificial intelligence on AR glasses.

  • Augmented reality is no longer a dream of the future, but has long since arrived on our smartphones. Augmented reality glasses represent the next step in immersive living - global players such as Apple and Microsoft have been working on them for a long time.
  • What possibilities do such AR glasses offer for interacting with and augmenting the environment? How can end users customize the content to their needs? These are the questions you will explore and answer in the project "Object Recognition by Artificial Intelligence on AR Glasses".
  • For your thesis, you will develop a prototype that recognizes objects based on a (existing) machine learning model and allows users to interact with the recognized objects.
  • You will place the prototype in the context of an e-commerce or educational use case and evaluate the scenario with the appropriate target group.

Your creative freedom

  • For your bachelor's or master's thesis, you will work your way into the technologies surrounding augmented reality.
  • You will design an AR application for the Microsoft Hololens 2 that uses artificial intelligence to recognize and interact with objects.
  • You will design and/or develop a user-friendly and intuitive interaction system. The basis for this is provided by the eye tracking and speech recognition of the Hololens 2.
  • You will evaluate the solution with potential users at CAS using established scientific methods.
  • If you like, we will support you to publish your results at a conference and/or in a suitable outlet.

Your skills

  • You are studying at KIT (Bachelor or Master) in a relevant field of study (e.g. industrial engineering, information systems, or computer science).
  • You are enthusiastic about AR technology and ideally have basic knowledge in programming AR and web applications (e.g. Unity, REST interfaces & Javascript, Java, C#).
  • You have basic knowledge in Artificial Intelligence, preferably in object recognition.
  • You are curious and love to build creative solutions.
  • You want to develop and explore technologies of the future.

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Dr. Peyman Toreini