Applying the CrowdSurfer to Improve Website Accessability

  • Type:Bachelor / Master Thesis
  • Date:ab sofort
  • Supervisor:

    Saskia Haug

Topic Description

The CrowdSurfer is a Chrome extension for crowdworkers to solve short microtasks during their everyday internet surfing. The initial CrowdSurfer was designed for design feedback tasks. That means whenever crowdworkers who have the CrowdSurfer installed and activated enter a websites that requests design feedback, they see a pop-up that asks them for feedback on a specific website element. In return for providing feedback, the crowdworkers receive a little financial reward that is paid via a crowdworking platform (e.g., Prolific or Amazon Mechanical Turk). The CrowdSurfer was designed, developed and evaluated as part of a previous master thesis. As the results were very promising our idea is to explore further use cases for which the CrowdSurfer can be used. One idea would be to use it to make websites more accessible by asking crowdworkers to check and, if necessary, rewrite image captions. The goal of this bachelor or master thesis would be to identify requirements for this use case, adapt the CrowdSurfer accordingly and evaluate the design and the resulting captions in a field study with crowdworkers.

If you are interested in this topic or want to discuss your own ideas on the CrowdSurfer, feel free to get in touch with me!

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