MeKIDI - Human-centered AI-based Process Digitalization in the Energy Industry

MeKIDI - Human-centered AI-based Process Digitalization in the Energy Industry

Project Overview

MeKIDI (“Menschengerechte KI-basierte Prozessdigitalisierung in der Energiewirtschaft” / "Humane AI-based process digitalization in the energy industry) examines the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in the energy sector and develops solution approaches for an implementation of AI-Technologies which not only consider sustainable corporate goals, but also take the interest of employees into account.

A humane AI-based process digitalization will be piloted and evaluated in three experimental spaces (“Experimentierräume”):

  • EXR #1: AI-based process automation using RPA
  • EXR #2: Hybrid Human-AI interfaces 
  • EXR #3: AI-based competence assistants in virtual reality

KI-technologies are not considered black boxes in those experimental spaces, but particularly designed and implemented with regard to the needs of all actors involved. The interface between human, task and AI-technology therefore plays a central role in the project.


  • Develop innovative, generically applicable solutions for a humane design and introduction of AI technologies in the workplace
  • Generate a holistic understanding of change processes associated with AI-based process digitalization
  • Provide methods and design principles for humane AI-based process digitalization based on concrete software prototypes


  • Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)
  • hsag Heidelberger Services AG
  • Soluvia Energy Services GmbH
  • Stadtwerke Bretten GmbH
  • World of VR GmbH


The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs as part of INQA (“Initiative neue Qualität der Arbeit”/ New Quality of Work Initiative).


10/2020 – 09/2022

Further information

For further information on the project, read the press release, visit www.mekidi.de, or contact us directly.