Jobs and Career Opportunities

The human-centered systems lab (h-lab) headed by Prof. Maedche (research group “Information Systems I”) focuses in research, education, and innovation on designing human-centered systems for better work & life. We consider scientific rigor and practical relevance as equally important in our research and focus on real-world enterprise and society challenges in our work. 

Targeting an academic career is an interesting option. There are quite some reasons to work in academia: You have freedom and flexibility to work on topics that are really interesting for you. Furthermore, you work internationally on a global scale and have the opportunity to network with scholars world-wide. Contributing to the scientific knowledge base with high quality publications make you pride and also give you the feeling of being part of something bigger. 

Becoming successful in academia is challenging. In order to support young talents, we have designed several development opportunities for academic careers in the Information Systems discipline. We offer the following academic career paths:

  • Student Assistant: A student assistant position is a perfect opportunity to get first insights into academic work.  Student assistants in our group actively participate in public-funded and industry-funded research projects. They also contribute to our teaching offerings. 
  • Bachelor Fast Track: A fundamental requirement for starting an academic career is the Bachelor of Science degree.  As part of the doctoral degree regulations the KIT Department of Economics & Managements offers the opportunity for top 5% B.Sc. industrial engineering & management students to skip the M.Sc. program and directly pursue a PhD project. 
  • Junior Researcher:  We offer the opportunity to engage as Junior Researcher in our research group for students with an excellent B.Sc. degree. Junior Researchers participate and run their own research projects. They get dedicated coaching of experienced scholars and get the opportunity to engage in the global academic network (e.g. by research exchanges, conference visits, etc.)
  • KSOS Graduate School Fellowship: KSOS ( is designed to provide an ideal research environment to enable the qualification of young researchers.
  • Research Assistant: Research assistants work in public- and industry-funded projects of our research group in research, education, and innovation.

Research Assistant and Fellowship Offerings

We are constantly looking for people interested in academic work. The tables below lists currently open positions in our research group. In case you are interested in general in a position or in following an academic career feel free to direct your requests and applications directly to Prof. Dr. Alexander Mädche.

Student Assistant Offerings