Credit Approval

Approval of Credits from Study Abroad Programmes in Information Systems and Industrial Engineering and Management

Students of the programmes Information Systems, Industrial Engineering and Management, and Economics Engineering have the possibility to receive credit for courses they attended at the host institution during their exchange program. The courses can be counted toward IISM modules. Hence, courses that are offered by the IISM can be replaced. More general information is also provided by the KIT Department of Economics and Management.  

Prior to Your Study Abroad Programme

In order to receive credit, you need a first approval of the repective lecturer. Please consider that the first approval is optional, and that only the approval after completion of your study abroad programme is legally binding. You need to inform the IISM about any deviations from the examination agreement due to changes at your host institution in order to guarantee a new approval of your courses. Please plan enough time for the entire recognition process (approx. 2 weeks).

To receive the first approval, please follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the approval form of our research group in the Wiwi-Portal.
  2. Our Edu-Team will check the completeness of your request and forward it to the respective lecturer in our research group.
  3. If your course selection is approved by the respective lecturer, the Edu-Team will approve your request in the Wiwi-Portal and you will be asked to fill out the "Examination plan agreement for the approval of diploma examination requirements" in the Wiwi-Portal and send a copy to our Edu-Team (E-Mail).
  4. The Edu-Team will forward the form to the respective lecturer to be signed. Finally, you will receive a signed copy from our secretary office.

After Your Study Abroad Programme

Please consider the following process in order to guarantee a consistent and rapid processing of the approval:

  1. Please fill out the form for credit approval in the Wiwi-Portal and send a copy to our Edu-Team (E-Mail).
  2. Please also attach a transcript of records as proof of your courses at the host institution, a copy of the signed first approval that you received before your studies abroad.
  3. The Edu-Team will then check your documents and determine the equivalent German grade.
  4. Your documents will then be forwarded to the examination office (Prüfungsausschuss).
  5. The examination office then decides on the approval and is responsible for adding the course to your transcript of records.

Contact : Education Team