Outreach Institutions

With our outreach institutions, we actively promote transfer of our research into practice and society. We support founding startups from our research as well as engage in non-profit organizations

Outreach Institution Short Description
respeak GmbH (respeak) has been founded in 2021 by Tim Rietz and Jasper Feine, two former Phd students of our research group. Respeak supports organizations in better understanding their audiences by leveraging conversational AI technologies. 
Usability & User Experience (UX)  in Germany e.V. (http://usability-in-germany.de/) is a non-profit organization and has been founded in the year 2012. It provides knowledge about usability and UX and networks relevant actors in this field.
  fair.digital e.V. (https://fair.digital/) is a non-profit organization and stands for the fair treatment of users and the promotion of the digital sovereignty of people and companies. It has been established in the year 2020. 
Die Wirtschaftsinformatik e.V. (https://wirtschaftsinformatik.de/) is a non-profit organization and has been established in 2021 in order to represent the German-speaking community focusing on Wirtschaftsinformatik.