The Human-Centered Systems Lab (h-lab) headed by Prof. Maedche (research group “Information Systems I”) focuses in research, education, and innovation on designing human-centered systems for better work & live.  

Our mission is to create impactful knowledge for designing human-centered systems for human productivity and well-being through relevant and rigor scientific research. We leverage advanced artificial intelligence (AI)  and biosignal sensor technologies and follow a socio-technical research paradigm for increasing human productivity and well-being through human-centered systems.

We contribute to the fields of human-computer interaction (HCI) (Mensch-Computer Interaktion) and information systems (IS) (Wirtschaftsinformatik). We believe that delivering cutting-edge knowledge and inspiring education, as well as an ongoing dialog with the public need to go hand in hand to maximize the impact of our work in organizations and society.

Here you find further information about our research activities, incl.

Feel free to approach us in case you are interested in an research exchange with us.