Hall of Fame


Dr. Saskia Haug

Thesis Defense: January 2024

Thesis Title: “Human-Centered Crowd Feedback for Information Systems Development”

Dr. Merlin Knäble

Thesis Defense: July 2023

Thesis Title: "Overcoming Barriers with Self-Determination: Interactive Labeling Systems in Accessibility"

Dr. Miguel Angel Meza Martínez

Thesis Defense: May 2023

Thesis Title: "Visual Representation of Local Model-agnostic Explanations: Design and Empirical Studies"

Dr. Michael Gau

Thesis Defense: May 2023

Thesis Title: "Open Design Science Research Systems: Design Principles and System Instantiations"

Dr. Marcel Ruoff

Thesis Defense: March 2023

Thesis Title: "Effective Natural Language Interfaces for Data Visualization Tools"

Dr. Sven Michalczyk

Thesis Defense: August 2022

Thesis Title: "Role-Specific Self-Service Business Intelligence & Analytics Systems in the Data Science Lifecycle"

Dr. Nico Loewe

Thesis Defense: July 2022

Thesis Title: "Designing Flow-Adaptive Systems for Knowledge Work using Physiological Data and Machine Learning"

Dr. Ivo Benke

Thesis Defense: December 2021

Thesis Title: "Emotional Competence Development Systems for Remote Work Collaboration"

Dr. Tim Rietz

Thesis Defense: Juli 2021

Thesis Title: "Designing AI-Based Systems for Qualitative Data Collection and Analysis"

Dr. Jasper Feine

Thesis Defense: Juli 2021

Thesis Title: "Designing Interactive Development Systems for Social Conversational Agents"

Dr. Peyman Toreini

Thesis Defense: September 2020

Thesis Title: "Designing Attentive Information Dashboards with Eye Tracking Technology"

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Gnewuch

Thesis Defense: June 2020

Thesis Title: "Social Cues in Human-Chatbot Interaction"

Dr. Christian Fleig

Thesis Defense: February 2020

Thesis Title: "Design of Data-driven Decision Support Systems for Business Process Standardization“ "

Dr. Xuanhui Liu

Thesis Defense: August 2019

Thesis Title: "Designing Decision Aids for Digital Service Design Technique Selection"

Dr. Raphael Rißler

Thesis Defense: May 2019

Thesis Title: Flow at Work: Examination of IT-Mediated Interruptions and Physiological Classification with Machine Learning

Dr. Dennis Hummel

Thesis Defense: December 2018

Thesis Title: "Individualized Choices and Digital Nudging: Multiple Studies in Digital Retail Channels"

Jun. -Prof. Dr. Benedikt Morschheuser

Thesis Defense: November 2017

Thesis Title: "Gamification of Crowdsourcing Systems: Empirical Studies and Design"

Dr. Phillip Haake

Thesis Defense: September 2017

Thesis Title: "Understanding Effective Use in the (Post)-Implementation Phase of Information Systems"

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Mario Nadj

Thesis Defense: August 2017

Thesis Title: "Designing Dashboards for Operational Decision Makers’ Situation Awareness – Multiple Studies in the Real-time Business Intelligence System Context"

Prof. Dr. Benjamin Müller

Habilitation Colloquium: July 2017

Title: „Enabling Digital Transformers – Essays on Managing and Designing Information Technology-enabled Organizational Transformations for Business Value”

Prof. Dr. Karl Werder

Thesis Defense: May 2017

Thesis Title: "Teams in Agile Software Development: Design Principles and Examination of Human Factors"

Alumni from University of Mannheim

Dr. Martin Berner

Thesis Defense: December 2016

Thesis Title: "Process Visibility Fit and Impact: Examination of Process Monitoring Success"


Dr. Carl Heckmann

Thesis Defense: September 2016

Thesis Title: "Ambidextrous Information Technology Capabilities for Business Processes: An Examination of Contextual Factors and Outcomes"


Dr. Martin Kretzer

Thesis Defense: September 2016

Thesis Title: "Improving Users’ Reuse Behavior: Multiple Studies in the Business Intelligence Systems Context"



Dr. Enrico Graupner

Thesis Defense: November 2015

Thesis Title: "Digitization and Visibility of Processes: Multiple Studies in the Service Industry"


Prof. Dr. Stefan Morana

Thesis Defense: November 2015

Thesis Title: "Digitization and Visibility of Processes: Multiple Studies in the Service Industry"



Prof. Dr. Jens Lauterbach

Thesis Defense: May 2015

Thesis Title: "Understanding the Compleity of Adaption and Effective Use in Enterprise System Implementations"



Dr. Felix Kahrau

Thesis Defense: April 2015

Thesis Title: "Repairing Routines in Enterprise System Transformations - A Sociomaterial Perspective"



Dr. Silvia Schacht

Thesis Defense: November 2014

Thesis Title: "The Prevention of Project Knowledge Amnesia"



Dr. Oliver Gaß

Thesis Defense: September 2014

Thesis Title: "A Design Theory for Individual Information Systems in a Professional Context"


Dr. Achim Botzenhardt

Thesis Defense: June 2014

Thesis title: "The Role of Design for Software Success - An Examination of Design Outcome and Process"


Dr. Ye Li

Thesis Defense: June 2014

Thesis Title: "Managing Globally Distributed Teams with Alignment and Adaptability"



Dr. Frank Hadasch

Thesis Defense: May 2014

Thesis Title: "Influencing Information Technology User's Rule Compliance"


Dr. Norbert Koppenhagen

Thesis Defense: December 2013

Thesis Title: "Design Principles for Supply Network Systems"



Prof. Dr. Hendrik Meth

Thesis Defense: June 2013

Thesis Title: "A Design Theory for Requirements Mining Systems"