Designing Chatbot Analytics Systems for Customer Service

Problem space

Chatbots and conversational agents are increasingly being used in customer service. This area of application is particularly suitable for chatbots because a high volume of uniform concerns and questions arise here, the processing of which can be automated (with the means of natural language interaction). With chatbots used in customer service, customers attach particular importance to performance criteria. So far, however, many chatbots and chatbot projects have failed to meet customer expectations. Either chatbots do not understand users' concerns or there are problems with the execution of customer service processes. These problems often only become apparent during the ongoing operation of a chatbot. Assumptions about customer behavior in interaction with the chatbot and its components are made before the chatbot is launched, but they only prove right or wrong during the practical usage phase. A great opportunity to improve chatbots continuously and therefore better meet customer expectations is the analysis of usage data which is logged during chatbot operation, so-called chatbot analytics.

Project Goal

Against this background, the aim of the project "Designing Chatbot Analytics Systems for Customer Service" with our project partner heidelberger Services AG is to develop systems and methods for generating information from usage data that will help to further improve customer service chatbots. Our target groups are on the one hand chatbot developers and on the other hand chatbot operators, who should be provided with decision support to further improve chatbots. These improvements can relate to the language model, the knowledge base/chatbot answers, the dialog design or frontend and backend interfaces. Accordingly, in this project we address on the one hand the linguistic-content perspective on the level of user messages, the process-oriented perspective on the level of conversation flows, and the customer satisfaction perspective regarding customer feedbacks in chatbots.


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