AI Alliance Baden-Württemberg: Data Platforms

  • Contact:

    Till Carlo Schelhorn, Prof. Dr. Alexander Mädche

  • Project Group:

    Interactive Business Intelligence & Analytics Systems

  • Funding:

    WM Baden-Württemberg

  • Partner:

    KIT/TECO (Prof. Beigl), Fraunhofer IOSB, FZI, Cyberforum

  • Startdate:

    July 2023

  • Enddate:

    December 2025


The AI Alliance Baden-Württemberg: Data Platforms is a project financed by the Ministry of Economics, Labor and Tourism Baden-Württemberg with the aim to create a central data platform. This platform is intended to provide small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups with access to high-quality data sets and thus promote the development of AI-based solutions. In addition to KIT, seven other research partners (Frauenhofer Gesellschaft, FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik, City of Freiburg, University Hospital Freiburg, University of Stuttgart, University of Tübingen, Aalen University of Applied Sciences) are involved in the project, each contributing their individual competencies and expertise. At KIT, h-lab (Prof. Mädche) cooperates closely with Teco (Prof. Beigl) to enable human-centered data provisioning and consumption for AI-based solutions following a human-in-the-loop approach.