Interactive Analytics Seminar

Course Description

Providing new and innovative ways for interacting with data is becoming increasingly important. In the "Practical Seminar: Interactive Analytics" students work with real-world data, create design solutioins and implement interactive analytics prototypes. The seminar is carried out in cooperation between Teco/Chair of Pervasive Computing Systems (Prof. Beigl) and the Institute of Information Systems and Marketing (IISM, Prof. Mädche). The students will work in interdisciplinary mixed groups consisting of computer science, information engineering & management and industrial engineering & management bachelor and master students. The main focus of this lecture is to design and implement interactive analytical systems that works with Emotion detection, or with Eye-based interaction from IISM or control armband devices supervised by Erik Pescara  from TECO. 


Learning Objectives

The students will:

  • Explore real-world data using state-of-the-art Business Intelligence & Analytics systems to understand the problem
  • Suggest and evaluate different design solutions for addressing the problem
  • Create interactive analytics prototypes using advanced interaction concepts and pervasive computing technologies  

Course Requirements 

Master and bachelor students from computer science, information engineering & management and industrial engineering & management can visit the practical seminar. For the registration to the seminar, students have to use this link on Wiwi-Portal  (will start from 6th of April 2020, 9:00 AM) . 


Course Schedule 

There are two official (remote) sessions for this seminar and all are mandatory for the students to participate. In the first meeting, students will get familiar with the six different projects, supervisors and will team up in groups of four ( mix of studnets from different subjects). In the final presentation all groups will present the final result of the practical seminar in front of participants from IISM and TECO .  


** Groups and their supervisors should contact their supervisors to set up some internal meetings during the seminar.



  • Kick Off Session: May 7th 2020 / 10:00-11:00 Remote
  • Final Presentations: July 23rd 2020 / 10:00 - 12:00 / KD2Lab
  • Final Document Submission: August 20th 2020 


For organizational questions please contact Nico Loewe at IISM or Erik Pecara  at TECO.