Smart Process

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Project Description

The term “Smart Process App” (SPA) was coined by Forrester and describes software that is designed to support organizations' process management efforts in a collaborative manner characterized by contextualization and intelligence. As the demand for business agility increases, SPAs are expected to change the way employees create, manage, and interact.  Such applications are intended to address the gap between the systems of records (e.g. SAP ERP) and the systems of engagement (e.g. Microsoft Office) by supporting both the structured and unstructured activities. Specifically, Big Data Analytics is leveraged to integrate and analyze structured and unstructured information in a scalable and intelligent way.  

As part of this research project, we will investigate SPAs. First, we will engage with users to understand their needs and document business scenarios for SPAs along different value streams. Second, we will suggest different design alternatives for SPAs and evaluate their impact on an individual and organizational level within lab and field experiments. As one key practical result, we will deliver implementation guidance for the different scenarios.

The project is co-funded by SAP SE and the corresponding development unit “Technology Integration & Orchestration”.