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Multimodal COVID-19 Dashboards

Dashboards became very popular during the COVID-19 pandemic to help people better understand the spread of the virus. But dashboards are complex user interfaces and less tech-savvy users may struggle to access the information they need. Why not give users the opportunity to use both mouse and natural language to navigate the dashboard?


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Conversational Assistance in Forecasting Support Systems

Accurate forecasting decisions are important for many supply chain-based companies. However, decision makers often tend to trust their own beliefs more than advice from forecasting support systems (FSS), which prepare forecasts and support the forecasting process. Therefore, we explore how providing conversational assistance can help decision makers better understand the FSS and its forecasts in order to make more accurate forecasting decisions.


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Demystifying Job Roles in Data Science: A Text Mining Approach

The continuing proliferation of data science these days is causing organizations to reassess their workforce demands. Simultaneously, it is unclear what types of job roles, knowledge, skills, and abilities make up this field and how they differ. This ambiguity is generating a misleading myth around the data scientist’s role.







Designing a Self-Service Analytics System for Supply Base Optimization

Reducing the number of suppliers – a process known as supply base optimization – is crucial for organizations to achieve better quality, higher service levels, and lower prices. The buyers in the role of the business analyst in corporate purchasing departments are responsible for this process and usually consider various selection criteria.







Self-Service Data Provisioning and Preparation in Data Lakes

With the ongoing trend of building central data lakes in enterprises, it is unclear how data is replicated from source systems. Often, data analysts have to rebuild SAP transactions to analyze data from the central data lake. In doing so, they must identify column names from SAP in the data lake and join tables.







Does This Explanation Help? How Lay Users Visually Attend, Trust, and Understand Local Explanations of Model-agnostic XAI Methods

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing an increasingly important role in high-stake domains. Nevertheless, the effectiveness of AI systems in these domains is limited by their inability to explain their decisions to human users. Recently, there has been a surge of interest in Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) by researchers and practitioners seeking to increase the transparency of AI. In particular, extensive research in XAI has focused on developing model-agnostic methods that are capable of explaining local instances of any predictive model, which provides higher applicability and scalability due to their decoupling from the predictive model. However, the user perspective has played a less important role so far in XAI research resulting in a lack of understanding of how users visually attended and perceived model-agnostic local explanations.





Alexander Mädche  Prof. Dr. Alexander Mädche


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Dr. Ulrich Gnewuch  Dr. Ulrich Gnewuch


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Miguel Angel Meza Martinez  Miguel Martinez


Jonas Gunklach  Jonas Gunklach


Marcel Ruoff  Marcel Ruoff


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