Designing a mobile Flow DashboardApp to support Knowledge Workers in Self-Management

  • Flow is defined as a “state in which people are so involved in an activity that nothing else seems to matter” (Csikzentmihalyi, 1975). Because of its link to improved individual performance and well-being, flow is particularly desirable in the work context. However, in the absence of methods to unobtrusively measure flow while performing activities, people cannot reflect on when flow occurs. Using the latest non-disruptive continuous measurement techniques for flow will enable the development of flow dashboards within a mobile app that allow users to better understand their flow states. Based on this, scenarios such as more efficient scheduling of particularly demanding activities during periods when flow occurs more frequently would be possible. The developed Flow DashboardApp collects physiological data required for classifying flow and presents the classification results aggregated and visualized in the app as a dashboard.



    The purpose of the bar chart is to show users their individual flow states in each time window and to contribute to better understanding.