KPMG Project

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Project Description

Business Intelligence & Analytics refers to the techniques, technologies, systems, practices, methodologies, and applications that analyze critical business data to help an enterprise better understand its business and market and make timely business decisions. In cooperation with KPMG AG we have established a joint Business Intelligence & Analytics lab that focuses on the following key deliverables

  • Running pilot innovation projects in cooperation with KPMG and its customers with real-world data
  • Evaluation of new Business Intelligence & Analytics techniques
  • Executing and publishing different types of studies (empirical studies, performance studies, etc.)
  • Integration a Business Intelligence System Challenge into the master lecture “Business Intelligence Systems” at KIT.


The lab leverages existing commercial software products provided in cooperation with the Smart Data Innovation Lab (SDIL) at KIT.


The project is funded by KPMG AG and its Data & Analytics unit.