Practical Seminar: Digital Service Design

  • Type: Practical Seminar
  • Semester: SS 2017
  • Place: 5.20 1C-02 Kaiserstraße 89-93
  • Lecturer:

    Prof. Dr. Alexander Mädche

  • SWS: 3
  • Lv-No.: 2540554

Course Description

Contemporary trends of every increasing digitalization in businesses lead to new challenges and fusion of technologies blurring the lines between the digital, physical and biological spheres, thereby calling for a new approaches for corporate management. Recently, physician Michio Kaku put it like the following: “The destiny of computers – like other mass technologies like electricity, paper, and running water- is to become invisible, that is, to disappear into the fabric of our lives, to be everywhere and nowhere, silently and seamlessly carrying out our wishes.” Michio Kaku (2016)

In the Practical Seminar Digital Service Design students address a real-world challenge in businesses and apply digital service design practices and tools. Furthermore, during the time of the seminar the students prototypical implement a running digital service.

Real-world challenges will vary over time. This time, the challenges are from the domain of Future Corporate Management. The practical seminar is carried out in close cooperation with SAP SE and leverages state-of-the-art digital platforms for prototyping.


Learning Objectives

The students will:

  • Explore a real-world digital service design challenge
  • Learn and apply selected digital service design practices & tools
  • Understand capabilities of state-of-the-art digital platforms and realize a digital service prototype

Course Schedule

Date / Time Room Session Deliverable**
Date: 24.04.2017
Time: 13:00 – 16:00

Fritz-Erler-Straße 1 - 3

Kick off Event  ---
Date: 04.05.2017
Time: 11:30 – 14:00
5.20 1C-02
Kaiserstraße 89-93
Methods and
Tools Lecture 
Date: 01.06.2017
Time: 11:30 – 14:00
5.20 1C-02
Kaiserstraße 89-93
Intermediate Presentation 1
  • 20 min presentation + 10 min discussion
  • Topic: Problem Definition / Preliminary Solution / Already conducted user research
  • Several Ideas to solve the problem are welcome (e.g., present 1-3 alternatives)
Date: 29.06.2017
Time: 11:30 – 14:00
5.20 1C-02
Kaiserstraße 89-93
Intermediate Presentation 2 
  • 20 min presentation + 10 min discussion
  • Topic: Final Problem / Your Preliminary Solution; + Optional: Business Model Design
Date: 20.07.2017
Time: 10:00 – 15:00
in Walldorf (transfer will provided: via ordered bus)
Final Presentation
  • 30 min presentation + discussion
  • Topic: Motivation / Problem / Solution / Prototype
  • Final document (10-15 pages)
  • Screencam of prototype or mockups
  • Optional for those who participate in course as lecture + 7 pages document (see also below in "course grading section")
  • ** All deliverable have to be send to R. Rissler via E-Mail on the specific date until 23:59 pm

  • Deliverable send after this time will be graded with not passed

  • All documents should be send in PDF as well as PPT format

  • The documents should be send by one (the head of each group; defined in lecture) to R. Rissler 

Lecture Content

  • Foundations
  • Digital Service Design Challenges in Future Corporate Management
  • Basics of Digital Service Design practices and tools
  • Prototyping and development Digital Services
  • Delivering digital service prototypes


Course Grading

The grading of the seminar will be based on the deliverable created by the design teams and students’ interactive discussions within the course. We offer the Practical Seminar as a Lecture (4.5 ECTS) and as a Seminar (3 ECTS). For an imputation of 4.5 ECTS, students need to submit an additional deliverable. 

Elements Grading Criteria Deliverable

(3 / 4.5 ECTS)

Intermediate Presentation 1
Intermediate Presentation 2

- Method application with primary & secondary research,
- Logical structure & line / consistency of argumentation,
- Practical relevance,
- Presentation quality,
- Feasibility assessment (incl. degree of implementation)

Presentation 1 (01.06)
  • 20 min presentation
  • PPT-Slides
Presentation 2 (29.06)
  • 20 min presentation
  • PPT-Slides
30% / 20%
Final Presentation
  • 30 min presentation
  • PPT-Slides
  • Final document (10 - 15 pages)
  • Screencast or Mockups from prototype
40% / 30%

Additional deliverable when taken as a
Lecture (in total 4.5 ECTS)

Topic: Literature Review, Commercial Review (based on your challenge, what is the state of the art in research and what commercial products are out there)

- Logical structure and line/consistency of argumentation
  • Document (7 pages)
0% / 30 %
Participation in Discussions in Lecture and during presentation of other teams             - Contribution to interactive discussion - 20% / 10%
Participation in an Information Systems (IS) laboratory experiment in the KD2-Lab  - Participation  - 10% / 10%
  • All elements need to be passed (grade 4.0 or better). A fail in one element results in a fail of the entire course! There is no retake possibility.


Course Materials

Students will be provided with all necessary materials before each session. Therefore, the material will be uploaded in the ILIAS Portal. Readings are available through the university’s electronic library resources or via the Internet. The materials to be used in this class provides students with both content and background for the topics introduced and discussed in the course. Students are required to have a look at the mandatory material in order to allow for an efficient classroom experience. Optional readings are introduced as part of the lecture and provide students with the opportunity to extend their understanding beyond the material discussed in class.



For submission of materials and organizational questions please contact R. Rissler.