Interactive Systems

  • Type: Lecture
  • Semester: SS 2017
  • Place:

    10.11 Room 213

  • Time:


    14:00 - 15:30


  • Lecturer:

    Dr. Silvia Schacht

  • SWS: 2/1
  • ECTS: 4,5
  • Lv-No.: 2540558

Lecture Description

Advanced information and communication technologies make interactive systems ever-present in the users’ private and business life. They are an integral part of smartphones, devices in the smart home, mobility vehicles as well as at the working place in production and administration (e.g. in the form of dashboards)

With the continuous growing capabilities of computers, the design of the interaction between human and computer becomes even more important. The aim of this course is to introduce the foundations, theoretical grounding, key and concepts and principles as well as current practice of interactive systems. The contents of the course abstract from the technical implementation details. The students get the necessary knowledge to guide the successful implementation of interactive systems in business and private life.


Learning Objectives

The students will:

  • know what interactive systems are and how they can be conceptualized
  • explore the theoretical grounding of interactive systems leveraging theories from reference disciplines such as psychology
  • know key concepts and design principles of specific classes of interactive systems (e.g. assistance, gamification, persuasion/nudging)
  • get hands-on experience by analyzing existing interactive systems and suggesting enrichments based on the lecture contents.


Lecture Content

  • Conceptual and Theoretical Foundations on Interactive Systems
  • Overview on Basic Interactive Systems
  • Key Design Principles of Interactive Systems
  • Design Principles of Cooperative Systems
  • Design Principles of Assistance Systems
  • Overview on Behavior Change Systems (i.e. Gamified Systems, Persuasive Systems, Nudging)

The lecture is complemented with a capstone project assignment, where students read, analyze, and review existing interactive systems and suggest areas of improvement / extensions.


Lecture Material

The lecture content will be uploaded in the ILIAS Portal.

The lecture mainly bases on the book of Benyon:

  • Benyon, D. (2014). Designing interactive systems: A comprehensive guide to HCI, UX and interaction design (3. ed.). Harlow: Pearson.


Course Grading

Exam (individual effort): 60 %

Capstone Project (team effort, with individual accountability): 40 %



For submission of capstone project and organizational questions please contact Dr. Silvia Schacht.