Seminar: Information Systems and Service Design

  • Type: Seminar
  • Chair: Information Systems & Service Design
  • Semester: WS 2017/18
  • Place:

    Röser Building (Fritz-Erler Strasse 23), 2nd floor

  • Lecturer:

    Prof. Dr. Alexander Mädche

  • ECTS: 3
  • Lv-No.: 2540557

Course Description

In the seminar, the participants will get deeper insights on current research in the field of information systems. The seminar topics will focus on contemporary issues in the broad context of information systems. The actual seminar topics will be derived from current research activities of the research group.


Learning Objectives

Students will

  • carry out a systematic literature search for a given topic
  • aggregate the collected information
  • write a seminar thesis following academic writing standards
  • deliver a presentation in a scientific context in front of an auditorium


Course Content

Title Supervisor Student Presentation Session
Visual Representations of Chatbots - A Literature Review Clarissa Drollinger 1pm - 3pm
Towards a Definition of Business Process Standardization Qian Cheng
1pm - 3pm
The Role of Process Standardization in ERP Systems Implementation Xinyuan Dong
1pm -3pm
Use of Eye-Tracking Devices in Business Intelligence and Analytics Systems – State-of-the-Art and Research Gaps Moritz Langner
1pm - 3pm
State-of-the-Art of Strategy Implementation in Digital Transformation Theresa Kaiser
9am - 11:30am
Enterprise Architecture Modeling in Business Model Transformations Nicole Kleindienst
9am - 11:30am
Transformation Principles of Enterprise Architecture Modeling Luca Weigl
9am - 11:30am
User Roles during the Process of Service Design: A Systematic Literature Review Reyhan Düzgün
9am - 11:30am
A Review of the Ethical Issues of Nudging Tim Vogler
9am - 11:30am


Some detailed information on the individual topics can be found here.


Course Schedule

Date Time Location Session Deliverable
October, 20th 2017 10am-11am

Röser Building (Fritz-Erler Strasse 23)
2nd floor

Kick-off session

January 12th, 2018 12 noon
via email
Submission of seminar presentation slides
January 18th, 2018
9am - 3:30pm
Röser Building (Fritz-Erler Strasse 23)
2nd floor
Presentation Sessions
Presentation and discussion of seminar thesis
February 19th, 2018
12 noon
via email and in paper version
Submission of final seminar thesis

Depending on the number of students, there will be two sessions (morning and afternoon) on one day for the presentation of the seminar theses. The sessions take place at:

  • January 18th, 2018, Time: 9am - 3:30pm

Each student will be assigned to one of the sessions. The participation in this particular session is mandatory.


Course Requirements

Master students can visit the seminar. For the registration to the seminar, students have to use the WiWi-Portal.

We offer a late registration from September 18th to September 30th (students who already were accepted in the early registration round do not have to register again).

Within the seminar, students have to prepare a seminar thesis comprising 20 pages. In case of a literature review, it is expected that students are reading approximately 20 to 25 relevant research papers.


Course Grading

The assessment consists of a seminar paper, a presentation of the results, and the contribution to the discussions within the presentation sessions. The final grade is based on the evaluation of each component:

  • seminar thesis (70%)
  • seminar presentation (20%)
  • contribution to discussion (10%)


Course Material

After the assignment of students to their particular topic, each student will receive some starting literature from his/her supervisor. Furthermore, templates for the seminar thesis and its presentation as well as the lecture content will be uploaded in the ILIAS Portal.



For submission of materials and organizational questions please contact .