Practical Seminar: Digital Service Design “Future of Work” finalized

  • Date: 20.02.2018
  • On February 8th 2018, 16 students of the Practical Seminar: Digital Service Design (DSD) presented their final results and prototypes at the KD2-Lab in Karlsruhe. As special guests, managers and employees from SAP SE in Walldorf also participated in the final presentations.
    During the seminar, students were educated in Digital Services Design Methods and Design Tools (e.g., or This education enabled the students to explore and resolve a real-world digital service design challenge in the domain of “Future of Work” provided by our industry partner SAP SE at the beginning of the seminar: (1) Project Team Assignment, (2) Leadership: Peer-Evaluation, and (3) Competences/Learning. In addition to formulate the challenges, the industry partner and scholars at KIT also coached the student teams in order to enable them to come up with the best possible solutions for the provided challenges. The conceptual results as well as the running prototypes of the students were well-received by SAP SE and the other students and fruitful discussions followed each presentation. The Practical Seminar is embedded into the Digital Experience Network (