Final Presentation of Capstone Projects “Digital Service Design”

  • Date: 29.01.2019
  • On January 28th, 2019, 39 students of the lecture "Digital Service Design" (DSD) participated in the final presentation of the capstone project at EnBW Headquarter, Karlsruhe. In this event, six groups had the chance to present the final results of their capstone project in front of EnBW managers and employees. The results of the students were well-received by EnBW and fruitful discussions followed each presentation.

    The capstone project was offered as part of the DSD lecture. At the beginning of the semester, two challenges from EnBW in the context of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) area were presented, and students had the chance to work on one of them as a team. To solve these challenges, each group received support from EnBW team under the coordination of EnBW (Stähle Philipp and Ketterer Marcel) as well as support from IISM (Peyman Toreini and Xuanhui Liu). In the capstone project, the students created personas and use cases, built prototypes, and evaluated the prototypes. The ServiceDesignKIT platform was offered as a design support system (http://www.servicedesignkit.org/). Thereby, the students applied the methods and  techniques they learned in the lecture on a real-world problem provided by EnBW.