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New Research Project: digilog@BW

  • Date: 09.09.2019
  • Digitalisation is changing social coexistence in a variety of ways, some of which are fundamental. The aim of digilog@bw is to analyse the influence of digitalization on people and the resulting social changes in an interdisciplinary way.

    The digilog@bw project develops scientifically sound decision bases for politics and society in order to enable digitalization to be designed for the benefit of people. This design task requires orientation towards critically reflected values, norms and framework conditions. The collaborative projects "Autonomy", "Knowledge" and "Participation" will be carried out in an interdisciplinary and cross-location basis and will focus on the question of criteria for a promising and responsible digital society.

    To this end, the Research Network brings together Baden-Württemberg expertise from university and non-university research in the humanities, social sciences, law, economics, media and communication sciences, ethics, computer science and interdisciplinary technology assessment at the highest scientific level.

    digilog@bw is also characterised by the fact that a multi-layered dialogue with the public through exhibitions, discussion events and lecture series will be created. Thus, digilog@bw will make a well-founded contribution not only to scientific but also to public discourse.

    Further information is available on: https://digilog-bw.de