Paper accepted for publication in Management Information Systems Quarterly (MISQ)

  • Date: 15.01.2020
  • The paper “Achieving Effective Use when Digitalizing Work - The Role of Representational Complexity“  by Jens Lauterbach, Benjamin Mueller, Felix Kahrau and Alexander Maedche has been accepted for publication in Management Information Systems Quarterly.  

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    In times of accelerated digital transformation, many organizations still struggle to put enterprise systems to effective us e quickly. While prior work suggests either system or task complexity as a source for these difficulties, this case study of a major system implementation at a European bank reveals the most important source to be the complexity arising from co-dependency between the system and the task . We conceptualize this co-dependency as inherent in system -enabled tasks by proposing system dependency (the extent to which a task is supported by a system) and semantic dependency (the degree to which semantic understanding is required for tas k completion). Together, these dependencies create representational complexity, which constrains users from achieving effective use in system -enabled tasks and ca n explain differences in achieving effective use through variations in learning effort. The concepts and insights emerging from this study provide researchers and practitioners with a deeper understanding of what complexity means and why, in some contexts , learning how to use systems effectively takes longer.