Dr Hermann

Dr. Hermann Zemlicka Award for Most Visionary Paper

  • Date: 04.06.2020
    Moritz Langner, Peyman  Toreini, and Alexander Maedche have received an award at the NeuroIS Retreat 2020 for their paper „Attention Board: A Quantified-Self Dashboard for Enhancing Attention Management with Eye-Tracking“
    Title: Attention Board: A Quantified-Self Dashboard for Enhancing Atention Management with Eye-Tracking
    Authors: Moritz Langner, Peyman Toreini, and Alexander Maedche
    Abstract: In the age of information, office workers process huge amounts of information and distribute their attention to several tasks in parallel. However, at-tention is a scarce resource and attentional breakdowns, such as missing im-portant information, may occur while using information systems (IS). Cur-rently, there is a lack of support to understand and improve attention man-agement to avoid such breakdowns. In the meantime, self-tracking applications are becoming popular due to the increasing sensory capabilities of smart devices. These systems support their users in understanding, reflecting, and changing their behavior. In this research-in-progress paper we suggest leveraging self-tracking concepts for attention management while working with ISs and describe the design of the NeuroIS-based system called “AttentionBoard”. The goal of AttentionBoard is to help office workers in improving their attention management competencies. The system records attention allocation in real-time using eye-tracking and presents the aggregated data in the form of visualized data. This paper presents the first step of AttentionBoard by motivating and introducing an initial following design science research (DSR) methodology.