Capstone Project

Business Intelligence Systems Capstone Project with the Robert Bosch GmbH (WS2020/21)

  • Date: 10.02.2021
  • The capstone project as part of the Business Intelligence Systems (BIS) master’s lecture was conducted virtually with the Robert Bosch GmbH, business sector Automotive Aftermarket, from 25th – 28th of January 2021. Students applied the methods and techniques learned in the BIS lecture and exercises to real-world use cases. Specifically, 39 students worked in virtual teams on the following five use cases:


          - Finance Business Intelligence Monitoring

          - Profiling Customer Segments

          - Caruso Data Quality Analysis

          - Predicting Jenkins Space Growth

          - Bosch ESI[tronic] Data Quality Dashboard


    Hereby, Bosch provided real-world data sets and the students analyzed the data via a Python Data Science stack and visualized the results using Microsoft Power BI. To solve these use cases, students received support from the use case owners from Bosch and the BIS lecturers. The results of the students were well received by the Bosch use case owners and led to fruitful discussions in the final presentation session. The students also gained valuable insights into virtual teamwork and hands-on experience with collaboration tools such as MS Teams or Zoom. We are already looking forward to the next BIS capstone project in January 2022. Enclosed you will find three exemplary realizations of the students’ work.