ECIS 2021

Participation at ECIS 2021

  • Date: 07.07.2021
  • The research group of Prof. Mädche was present at the European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS) with three accepted conference papers. It was a pleasure to resent and discuss our research insights. Further information is available here:


    Michalczyk, Sven; Nadj, Mario; Maedche, Alexander; and Gröger, Christoph, "Demystifying Job Roles in Data Science: A Text Mining Approach" (2021). ECIS 2021 Research Papers. 115.


    Ruoff, Marcel and Gnewuch, Ulrich, "Designing Multimodal BI&A Systems for Co-Located Team Interactions" (2021). ECIS 2021 Research Papers. 113.


    Ruoff, Marcel and Gnewuch, Ulrich, "Designing Conversational Dashboards for Effective Use in Crisis Response" (2021). ECIS 2021 Research-in-Progress Papers. 45.


    Greif-Winzrieth, Anke; Maedche, Alexander; and Weinhardt, Christof, "Designing a Public Experimental Terminal for Citizen Engagement" (2021). ECIS 2021 Research-in-Progress Papers. 49.