Participation at the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) 2022

Participation at the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) 2022

  • Date: 25.10.2022
  • The research groups of Professors Mädche, Satzger, and Weinhardt will be represented with 10 papers at the International Conference on Information Systems, which will take place in Copenhagen in December. Congratulations to all authors!




    Drechsler, K., Grisold, T., Gau, M., and Seidel, S.:

    Digital Infrastructure Evolution: A Digital Trace Data Study


    Grisold, T., Gau, M., and Yoo, Y.:

    Studying the Co-evolution of Individual Actions and Emergent Social Structures using Digital Trace Data.


    Haug, S., Ruoff, M., and Gnewuch, U.:

    The Impact of Conversational Assistance on the Effective Use of Forecasting Support Systems: A Framed Field Experiment


    Heinz, D., Breidbach, C.F., Benz, C., Satzger, G.:

    Towards Explaining Smart Service Innovation Events and Trajectories.


    Knierim, M., Zimny, C., Seitz, J.:

    Monitoring Cognitive Load with 3D-Printed EEG Headphones


    Reinkemeier, F. and Gnewuch, U.:

    Can Humanizing Voice Assistants Unleash the Potential of Voice Commerce?


    Riefle, L., Benz, C., Tomar, T.:

    "May I Help You?": Exploring the Effect of Individuals' Self-Efficacy on the Use of Conversational Agents


    Riefle, L., Hemmer, P., Benz, C., Vössing, M., Pries, J.:

    On the Influence of Cognitive Styles on Users’ Understanding of Explanations


    Schloss, D., Gnewuch, U., and Maedche, A.:

    Designing a Conversation Mining System for Customer Service Chatbots


    Sterk, F., Heinz, D., Peukert, C., Fleuchaus, F., Koelbel, T., Weinhardt, C.:

    Fostering Value Co-Creation in Incumbent Firms: The Case of Bosch’s IoT Ecosystem Landscape.