Participation at CHI 2023

Participation at CHI 2023

  • Date: 07.03.2023
  • The human-centered systems lab is present at the ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, the premier international conference of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), with two full papers and two late-breaking papers. Additionally, we will offer a course in cooperation with the competence center Mittelstand 4.0.  CHI 2023 takes place in Hamburg in the time frame of April 23rd – April 28th 2023.


    Full Papers:

    • Haug et al. (2023). CrowdSurfer: Seamlessly Integrating Crowd-Feedback Tasks into Everyday Internet Surfing.
    • Ruoff et al. (2023).  ONYX: Assisting Users in Teaching Natural Language Interfaces Through Multi-Modal Interactive Task Learning.

    Late-Breaking Work Papers:

    • Kretzer & Maedche (2023). Making Usability Test Data Actionable! A Quantitative Test-Driven Prototyping Approach.
    • Toreini et al. (2023). PrEyeCo: Privacy-Aware Shared Gaze Visualization for Multi-User Collaboration.


    • Ethical Experience Design for the Value of Privacy based on Psychological Needs.