DIS course overview

Designing Interactive Systems: M.Sc. Lecture

  • Date: 25.04.2023
  • The B.Sc. lecture ”Designing interactive Systems“ is targeted at master students who are interested in expanding their knowledge on designing successful human-computer interaction in business and society.  The aim of this course is to introduce advanced concepts and theories, interaction technologies as well as current practice of contemporary interactive systems. The course is complemented with a design capstone project. This year’s capstone project is jointly offered with EnBW AG and will focus on design challenges surrounding the broad question of “Where and how can generative AI language models, such as ChatGPT, be used at EnBW?” The students analyze a real-world challenge and provide design innovative prototypes based on the lecture content. Students do not only gain hands-on experience with various prototyping tools, but also show their project management and collaboration skills. The lecture starts on Wednesday at 2 pm (26.04.) at  Kollegiengebäude am Kronenplatz (05.20), room 1c-04, click here to go to the ILIAS Folder.