Girls day

Girls Day @ h-lab: Apps for the future!

  • Date: 11.05.2023
  • On April 27th 2023 12 schoolgirls were invited to get hands-on insights on information systems and human-computer interaction research at h-lab as part of the nationwide career and study orientation day for girls.  Together with members from the h-lab and KD2Lab representatives, the girls developed various prototypes leveraging the human-centered design process. They were asked to develop a prototypical app for problems from their everyday lives.  Topics were, for example, "Which advanced course at school should I choose?", "Which film fits our interests?", "Creative input for drawing" as well as the everyday question "Which outfits can I create from my wardrobe?".  At the end of the workshop there was a guided tour through the KD2lab.We would like to thank the KD2Lab for their cooperation, the organizers of the workshop and all the helpers.