Its not Rocket Science Tisch 25.10.2023

It’s not rocket science: Eye-Contact in Video Conferences

  • Date: 17.10.2023
  • Eye contact plays a very important role in social interactions. 

    In contrast to face-to-face communication, this is much more challenging in video conferences The lack of this information makes the flow of communication more difficult and can therefore have a negative impact on team dynamics and outcomes. 


    In order to solve this problem, participants in a video conference could leverage information about the gaze behavior of other team members using eye-tracking technology. However, it is important to design this visualization in such a way that it does not appear disturbing or distracting and therefore only reflects natural gaze behavior. What potential and dangers do you see? How would you design this visualization and which factors should you pay particular attention to?   Tom Reuscher and Julia Seitz will run this event as part of the DFG-funded KD2School


    The event takes place in Triangel on Oct 25th, 5 PM. Further information is available