Research Group at ECIS 2016

  • Date: 19.04.2016
  • The "Information Systems & Service Design" group will be present at the European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS) 2016 in Istanbul, Turkey ( with 5 accepted publications covering a variety of their research fields.


    Research Papers

    • Carl Heckmann, Jack Shih-Chieh Hsu, and Alexander Maedche (2016). "IT Ambidexterity - Conceptualization at the Business Process Level", to appear in: ECIS 2016 Proceedings.
    • Stefan Morana, Peter Hottum, and Alexander Maedche (2016). "Design Science Research in Service Science: Towards Theory-Guided Design of Digital Service Systems", to appear in: Workshop Proceedings Service Science: Perspectives from the Next Generation of Service Scholars (ECIS 2016).
    • Karl Werder (2016). "Team Agility and Team Performance - The Moderating Effect of User Involvement", to appear in: ECIS 2016 Proceedings.
    • Mario Nadj, Harsh Jagadeesan, and Alexander Maedche (2016). "Building Situation Awareness in Oil & Gas Operations through Autonomous Sensing, Responding and Tracking", to appear in: ECIS 2016 Proceedings.
    • Mario Nadj and Christian Schieder (2016). "Quo Vadis Real-Time Business Intelligence? A Descriptive Literature Review and Research Agenda", to appear in: ECIS 2016 Proceedings.