Digital Service Design application in SAP Next-Gen Consulting Project

  • Date: 11.07.2016
  • Last week SAP Next-Gen Consulting project was successfully concluded with the final presentations. In the project 19 students from the KIT, their academic supervisors lead by Professor Dr. Alexander Maedche and the industry partners were included. Four teams worked on real-life industry challenges, provided by the industry partners Commerzbank, TwoGo and Vodafone. These challenges were Mobile Payment Adoption in Germany (challenge by Commerzbank), Mobile Payments for Children (challenge by Commerzbank), The Perfect Night Out (challenge by TwoGo) and Parking Assistant (challenge by Vodafone). The overarching topic was “Urban Network of the future” and the teams had to apply Design Thinking, Business Model Innovation and building a running prototype on SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP). Beside the teamwork, Dr. Bernd Welz, Executive Vice President and Global Head of Scale, gave some industry insights into the way SAP is dealing with Digital Transformation while guiding customers along this path.