Saskia Haug, M. Sc.

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Research Interests

  • Crowd-Feedback
  • User-Centered Development
  • Software Evaluation
  • Human-Computer Interaction

Short CV

Since 2020 Doctoral Researcher at the Institute of Information Systems & Service Design (ISSD) at the KIT
2017-2020 M. Sc. Industrial Engineering & Management, KIT
2013-2017 B. Sc. Industrial Engineering & Management, KIT


Summer Semester 2021 Information Systems and Service Design (ISSD) Seminar, Current Topics in Digital Transformation (CDT) Seminar
Winter Semester 2021/2022 Information Systems and Service Design (ISSD) Seminar, Current Topics in Digital Transformation (CDT) Seminar
Summer Semester 2022 Information Systems and Service Design (ISSD) Seminar, Current Topics in Digital Transformation (CDT) Seminar
Winter Semester 2022/2023 Wirtschaftsinformatik (für WING)
Summer Semester 2023 Sustainability Design Seminar: Digital Citizen Science
Thesis Projects:
Master Thesis Designing a System for Domain-Independent Needs Extraction from Customer Inquiries done
Bachelor Thesis Designing a Crowd-Feedback System Configurator for Customized Information System Evaluation done
Bachelor Thesis Designing a Recording Feature for Crowd-Feedback Systems to Reduce User Effort done
Master Thesis Designing a Browser Plugin for Seamless Crowd-Feedback of Design Feedback in Everyday Internet Browsing done
Master Thesis Designing a Crowd-Feedback Configuration System for Customized Design Evaluation done
Bachelor Thesis Designing Feedback Features for Chatbots: A Participatory Design Study done
Master Thesis Designing Customer Feedback Survey Requests: Leveraging a Self-based Motivational Model done
Master Thesis Developing a Taxonomy of Feedback Categories on Application Software done
Master Thesis Desinging a Feedback System for Collecting Accessibility Feedback in progress



  • DESRIST (2021)
  • CONVERSATIONS (2021, 2022)
  • CSCW (2022)
  • ICIS (2022, 2023)
  • HICSS (2023)
  • CHI (2023)
  • ECIS (2023)
  • WI (2023)
  • MuC (2023)


Human-Centered Crowd Feedback for Information Systems Development. PhD dissertation
Haug, S.
2024, February 1. Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT). doi:10.5445/IR/1000167935
The Human-in-the-loop CrowdSurfer Concept: Providing User-centered AI Support to Crowdworkers for Improved Working Conditions and Task Outcomes
Benke, I.; Haug, S.; Maedche, A.
2023. Proceedings UCAI ’23: Workshop on User-Centered Artificial Intelligence at Mensch und Computer 2023
Scalable Design Evaluation for Everyone! Designing Configuration Systems for Crowd-Feedback Request Generation
Haug, S.; Sommerrock, S.; Benke, I.; Mädche, A.
2023. Mensch und Computer 2023, 91–100, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). doi:10.1145/3603555.3603566
CrowdSurfer: Seamlessly Integrating Crowd-Feedback Tasks nto Everyday Internet Surfing
Haug, S.; Benke, I.; Fischer, D.; Maedche, A.
2023. CHI ’23: CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems Hamburg Germany April 23 - 28, 2023. Ed.: A. Schmidt, Art.-Nr.: 553, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). doi:10.1145/3544548.3580994
Aligning Crowdworker Perspectives and Feedback Outcomes in Crowd-Feedback System Design
Haug, S.; Benke, I.; Maedche, A.
2023. Proceedings of the ACM on human-computer interaction, 7 (CSCW1), Art.-Nr.: 23. doi:10.1145/3579456
The Impact of Conversational Assistance on the Effective Use of Forecasting Support Systems: A Framed Field Experiment : Short Paper
Haug, S.; Ruoff, M.; Gnewuch, U.
2022. ICIS 2022 Proceedings. Vol.: 2, 1–9, AIS eLibrary (AISeL)
Crowd-Feedback in Information Systems Development: A State-of-the-Art Review
Haug, S.; Mädche, A.
2021. ICIS 2021 Proceedings, Association for Information Systems (AIS)
Feeasy: An Interactive Crowd-Feedback System
Haug, S.; Maedche, A.
2021. Proceedings of the 34th Annual ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). doi:10.1145/3474349.3480224
Accelerating Deductive Coding of Qualitative Data: An Experimental Study on the Applicability of Crowdsourcing
Haug, S.; Rietz, T.; Maedche, A.
2021. Mensch und Computer 2021, MuC ’21, 5.-8.9.2021 Ingolstadt, 432–443, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). doi:10.1145/3473856.3473873