A Participatory Design Study for User-Adaptive Video Meeting Systems: The self-view tile

  • Type:Bachelor / Master Thesis
  • Date:vergeben
  • Supervisor:

    Julia Seitz


The use of video meeting systems is ubiquitous in our daily lives, both in the context of work and leisure. Especially during the past three years, virtual meetings have become an integral part of our life. However, within those meetings, unpleasurable user states (e.g. negative emotions, fatigue, high cognitive effort) can arise. By making use of AI and sensor data, information about the current user state can be gathered and used to adapt the video meeting system, e.g., by providing feedback to the user about the current state or automatically adapting the user interface of the system to the user’s needs.

In order to identify relevant adaptation design options, this bachelor thesis shall conduct design workshops following the participatory design approach to investigate and evaluate potential adaptation design options. In these workshops, the participants (group of e.g. 3-4 participants) should jointly create design alternatives while using creativity techniques (e.g. brainwriting, Disney’s 6 thinking hats, …). Afterwards, the created design alternatives should be discussed. As a result of the analysis of the workshops, a design prototype should be created.

Goal of the thesis
  • Create a concept for a participatory design study incl. workshops
  • Conduct workshops
  • Analyze results of the workshops and create basic design prototype
  • For master thesis: program/implement design prototype


Recommended Skills
  • Strong time management and communication skills
  • Interest in design, esp. intelligent video meeting systems
  • Strong analytical and English skills
  • Design knowledge beneficial but not mandatory



If you are interested in this topic and want to apply for this thesis, please contact Julia Seitz with your CV and current transcript of records. Feel free to reach out beforehand if you have any questions.