Skyscrapers with Ad Billboards

Advertisement over Time: Interactive Machine Learning for Image Data Analysis

This joint project with the research group of Prof. Florian Stahl at the University of Mannheim strives to advance research in both marketing and interactive machine learning. Hereby, we see a large potential for synergies, that we want to realize in this project.

Marketing researchers from Mannheim have acquired access to a data-set consisting of hundreds of thousands of scanned print advertisements (with a projected expansion to well over a million), ranging from the early 19th century to today. Their challenge lies within analyzing this data-set, to identify structural changes in what and how products are advertised. Further they want to investigate interdependencies with political and societal developments in this time frame. Our research group wants to leverage this undertaking as a context for interactive machine learning systems. Specifically, we want to design and develop systems that support the marketing researchers in labeling additional meta-data and features to augment their data-set. Another tool could support the analysis of such vast data-sets. Due to tight cooperation with our partners from Mannheim we are able to not only gather requirements for such tools from experts, but also to deploy to, and evaluate them with actual domain experts.

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