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AI for Business | Business for AI (ABBA): Cross-University Modular Offerings for the AI Competency Development of Business and Economics Students

As part of the project ABBA (AI for Business | Business for AI), we educate students how to embed Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies in AI-based Information Systems to create business value. A specific focus of the project is to establish an AI Learning Factory (KI Lernfabrik) that supports augmented hybrid learning. 


The Project

Applying artificial intelligence (AI) in business contexts requires skills and knowledge. The need for understanding AI to integrate it in business can be reflected in many scenarios including evaluation of technical systems, optimization of operational processes, improvement of work environments and so on. Such a need can be fulfilled by empowering business students with effective educational approaches and resources. The aim of the joint project is to develop and provide a teaching module kit for AI that provides business students with scientifically sound and practical AI skills. 

In the scope of this project, we work jointly with researchers from other universities to contribute in the following topics:

  • Open Code & Open Data
  • AI Learning Factory
  • StudyBuddy Chatbot for AI Education

AI Learning Factory

Learning Factory (4C-07, Kaiserstr. 93)

The AI Learning Factory provides a unique learning experience to students. The purpose of the Learning Factory is to supplement traditional university learning formats (lectures, exercises, tutorials) with digital learning content. Here, innovative technologies such as MR and VR are used to enable more interactivity and immersion in learning.

In addition to technical skills (e.g. AI), interdisciplinary and transferable skills (e.g. empathy, self-regulation, communication) are playing an increasingly important role in university studies. Here, we plan to offer related learning modules addressing this trend as well.

The learning factory has been used to support teaching activities (e.g. Business Intelligence Systems Lecture) by offering students an immersive excursion, covering lecture-related topics.