Information Systems and Service Design (ISSD) Seminar


With this seminar, we aim to provide students with the possibility to independently work on state-of-the-art research topics in addition to the knowledge gained in the lectures of the research group ISSD (Prof. Mädche).  The research group “Information Systems & Service Design” (ISSD) headed by Prof. Mädche focuses in research, education, and innovation on designing interactive intelligent systems. It is positioned at the intersection of Information Systems (IS) and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI).In the seminar, participants will get deeper insights in a contemporary research topic in the field of information systems, specifically interactive intelligent systems.The actual seminar topics will be derived from current research activities of the research group. Our doctoral researchers offer a rich set of topics from our research clusters (digital experience and participation, intelligent enterprise systems, or digital services design & innovation). Students can priorotize assignment to these topics individually depending on their personal interests. The seminar is carried out in the form of a literature-based thesis project. In the seminar, students will acquire the important methodological skills of running a systematic literature review.

Learning Objectives

  • focus on a contemporary topic at the intersection of Information Systems and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), specifically interactive intelligent systems
  • carry out a structured literature search for a given topic
  • aggregate the collected information in a suitable way to present and extract knowledge
  • write a seminar thesis following academic writing standards
  • deliver a presentation in a scientific context in front of an auditorium


No specific prerequisites are required for the seminar.


Further literature will be made available in the seminar.

Current Situation

The seminar will take place despite the current restrictions caused by COVID-19. All lecture units will be made available online via ILIAS and supplemented by various online interaction formats. Live sessions will take place via MS Teams. In addition there is the possibility to articulate technical and organizational questions at any time via the corresponding ILIAS Forum.

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