Current Topics in Digital Transformation Seminar


With this seminar, we aim to provide students with the possibility to independently work on state-of-the-art research topics in addition to the knowledge gained in the lectures of the research group ISSD (Prof. Mädche). Specifically, participants will get deeper insights in a current topic in the field of digital transformation of business and society.  Students will work on a dedicated topic and apply a pre-defined research method. A broad spectrum of topics is offered every semester, topics may range from creating an experimental design, analyzing collected data, or systematically comparing existing software prototypes in a specific field of interest.

The following topics are offered in WS20/21:

  • AI-based classification of Short-Message importance and urgency based on an exsting labeled dataset
  • Data Science Roles in Industry
  • Multimodal Affective Computing: Emotion Recognition in Action
  • Analysis of Chatbot-based Mental Health Apps
  • Socio-Technical Challenges of Data Accessibility Conceptual Framework and Interview Guideline
  • Seamless integration: From Value Map to User Story

For a detailed description of each topic check below registration link.

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