Digiloglounge @ZKM

Digiloglounge @ ZKM: Play the eye-based version of “Where is Waldo?”

  • Date: 02.02.2022
  • In December 2021 the Digiloglounge was opened along the inauguration of the new exhibition “BioMedien” in the “Center for Art and Media” Karlsruhe (ZKM). Digilog is a project of the Ministerium für Wirtschaft und Kunst. The aim of digilog@bw is to identify the impact of digitization on individuals and on society and to analyze it in an interdisciplinary manner. In this way, the foundations are laid for shaping the digital transformation both technically and politically for the benefit of people.


    In the Digiloglounge several artefacts are displayed to increase awareness about new technologies and their potential to infiltrate our trust and privacy. The artifact designed by the ISSD is a kiosk that integrates eye tracking technology to play an eye-based version of the game “Where is Waldo” (Deutsch “Wo ist Walter”). Eye tracking is a new technology that makes it possible to record the eye movements of people. On this basis, eye movements can be analyzed when using software. In addition, software applications can be operated by using the eyes. The eye tracking demonstrator uses a concrete example from the iconic Wimmel-Book "Where's Waldo?" to show the possibilities offered by modern eye tracking technology. The artifact was developed by Moritz Langner, Prof. Dr. Alexander Mädche, Dr. Peyman Toreini, Pascal Roller, and Shi Lui.