New BISE Publication

New Publication in BISE: “Multiexperience”

  • Date: 09.08.2022
  • The Business & Information Systems Engineering (BISE) journal has published a new catchword article titled “Multiexperience” by Ulrich Gnewuch, Marcel Ruoff, Christian Peukert, and Alexander Maedche. The article aims to build a bridge between the new term of “multiexperience” (MUX) and existing research in the Information Systems (IS) field. The authors shed light on the concept of MUX and propose a framework with two dimensions – devices (e.g., PCs, smartphones, smart speakers, VR headsets) and modalities (e.g., speech, touch, typing). They also identify three different guiding paths toward MUX and propose future research opportunities for the IS community.

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