Successful Completion of the Business Intelligence Systems Capstone Project in cooperation with Bosch

  • Date: 03.02.2023
  • The end of the winter semester 2022/23 also marks the successful end of this year’s Business Intelligence Systems (BIS) capstone project, which is an integral element of the BIS master lecture held by Prof. Dr. Alexander MädcheDr. Ulrich Gnewuch, and Jonas Gunklach. Over a period of three days, 35 students worked in 8 teams with real-world data and corresponding use cases provided by our industry partner Bosch.


    The capstone project is tended to empower students to collect hands-on experiences in applying Business Intelligence & Analytics (BI&A) technologies and systems to real-world data and in parallel build up transferrable skills (e.g., communication, team collaboration, etc)

    The overall goal and topic of the capstone project was to create innovative analytical solutions supporting data-driven decision making at Bosch. Overall, four different use cases were tackled by the teams. The students leveraged different BI&A technologies and commercial systems, e.g. Python, KNIME, and Microsoft PowerBI. The results of all 8 groups were well-received during the final presentations, which took place in the Triangel Space.