KPMG Business Modelling Workshop at KIT

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  • Date: 16.01.2017

KPMG Business Modelling Workshop

Students at the workshop

On January 12th 2017, students of the subjects industrial engineering and business informatics took part in the business model workshop organized in cooperation with KMPG.

After an introduction of Prof. Alexander Mädche, the students learned interesting facts about the business intelligence systems of KPMG. Christian Liebler and his team presented several tools and their purpose in the company as well as the everyday business. Afterwards, he led to the new hot topic of semantic business models. There he showed the state of the art of the business model management software of the cooperation between KIT and KPMG.

As a practical case, the task for the students was to model a business model transformation of the company Hilti. Therefore, the students were divided into four groups. After an introduction from , the students developed a business model canvas for the single states and tried to figure out solutions for an adequate representation of the business model transformation case. Each of the groups was supposed to represent their business model and got directly feedback from Christian Liebler and Dominik Augenstein. As a summary assessment, all of the groups did an excellent job and achieved incredible results.

Flyer of the workshop
Dominik Augenstein presenting possible solutions of the case study