Designing an online meeting plug-in for interactive job interviews

Topic Description

The traditional format of job interviews is evolving to incorporate more interactive and engaging elements. There is a need for new opportunities for both companies and applicants to engage in interactive activities such as icebreakers, "either-or" questions, and more. By creating an interview experience that prioritizes interaction and engagement, improvements can be achieved in the assessment of candidates, the overall candidate experience, and the efficiency of the hiring process.


Conventional job interviews often follow a rigid question-and-answer format, which may not fully capture the candidates' potential or provide a comprehensive assessment of their skills and fit for the role. Moreover, the virtual nature of online interviews can further diminish the personal connection and interactive aspects that are typically present in face-to-face interviews. There is a need for innovative solutions that leverage online meeting tools to create a more interactive and engaging interview experience.


The goal of this seminar/thesis is to design a prototypical online meeting plug-in that enables interactive and dynamic job interviews. The prototype should provide features and functionalities that allow companies and applicants to engage in interactive activities during the interview process. The prototype should also be evaluated empirically (qualitatively and/or quantitatively) with students.


  • Strong time management and communication skills
  • Fluent in English
  • Programming experience

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