Designing a Note-Taking Tool for Mixed Reality Learning using a Digital Pen

  • Type:Master's thesis
  • Supervisor:

    Shi Liu

Problem Description

Digital learning has been greatly improved with cutting-edge technology such as Mixed Reality (MR). Using MR technology, learners can engage with learning content in an immersive learning environment, which enhances the motivation and interactivity during the learning process. Nonetheless, immersive learning lacks note-taking support. In traditional classrooms or online learning platforms, using paper and pen to capture notes or watch the lecture recording afterwards are common practices adopted by students. In MR, learners often lack an effective input modality when it comes to taking notes. There exists a challenge in designing note-taking tools for MR learning leveraging new devices and technologies.


Goal of the Thesis

In this thesis, students should leverage an existing MR device (e.g., Meta Quest Pro) as well as a digital pen (in particular the Stabilo DigiPen) to create a seamless and unobstructive note-taking support for MR learning. The following objectives should be accomplished:

•A human-centered design process with user evaluation of the proposed design solution should be followed
•A note-taking tool leveraging a MR headset and a digital pen should be designed and implemented. The tool should allow taking notes with the digital pen in keywords, as well as spontaneously record lecture snippets when notes are taken. The recorded notes and video snippets should be stored and presented in MR for later review process
Cooperation Partner: kinemic GmbH