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Inadequate requirements elicitation (RE) continuously contributes to the failure of information systems development projects. This project explores the most relevant success factors for overall elicitation success. We identified knowledge sharing as a dominant pain-point in requirements elicitation, observable accross industries and projects. The range of IT artifcats seeking to support RE in particular is very limited. Furthermore, professional systems in the industry regularly require intensive training. Through utilizing conversational interfaces, we attempt to create artifacts, that are intuitive and effective for new and experienced users alike.

Utilizing the boundary interaction framework as kernel theory, this project seeks to develop conversational interfaces that help practitioneers accross domains to span boundaries. Herein, we explore the following questions:

  • How do we design a hybrid interface, consisting of graphical and conversational interface elements, counteracting the individual interfaces weaknesses?
  • What are meta-requirements and design principles for a requirements elicitation system?
  • How do we elicitate requirements in a way that supports a holistic requirements engineering process?
  • and more!

Senacor, a leading IT-consultancy with clients in various industries, serves as the ideal testing-ground for applying academic solutions to the problem of knowledge sharing in the field. Through the application of design science, we enable the creation of more intuitive and efficient requirements elicitation systems.


Further information on the project sponsor

Please find additional information on Senacor here. Furthermore, feel free to contact Tim Rietz to learn more about the project, Senacor, or IT consulting in general.